Podcast: Episode 10 – Samba Cut Short?

It’s almost that time of the year again. By that, I most certainly don’t mean the Champions League group stage. I mean the annual retreat that Neymar likes to take back in his home country, Brazil. This year, Sylvinho might beat Neymar. Starved for the sweet taste of victory, Arianna (@AScavs), Nicholas (@NicholasMamo) and Sam (@OZOL1950) get together for an emergency reunion turned therapy session.

Cover: ol.fr

In the tenth podcast episode, we mull the question of who is responsible for Lyon’s slumber. Is the Lyon Offside crew ready to chuck Sylvinho back to Brazil? If that were to happen, who would even replace him? We round up the podcast with some colorful and – you know it – depressive predictions for this week’s matches against Red Bull Leipzig and Saint-Étienne.

Too busy to listen to it all? You can jump around the podcast episode to find the topics that interest you the most using the timestamps below. As always, if there are any topics you’d like us to cover, just tweet at any one of us, or send us an email at LyonOffside@gmail.com.

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Topics Covered

  • Review of the situation at the club
    • Whose fault is it? (1:50)
    • The players’ responsibilities (10:55)
    • Sylvinho’s tactical woes (17:40)
  • What now?
    • Should Lyon fire or stick with Sylvinho? (22:05)
    • What does Sylvinho need to improve on if he is to stay? (24:30)
    • The case for Sylvinho staying… for now (32:20)
  • Lyon’s avenues
    • Is the podium still a realistic expectation? (34:20)
    • Sylvinho’s tenure so far and how it could influence future coaches’ prospects (41:10)
    • Possible candidates to replace Sylvinho if he is dismissed (49:10)
    • The backroom staff conundrum (53:50)
  • Predictions
    • Red Bull Leipzig vs. OL and Saint-Étienne vs. OL (01:00:50)

3 thoughts on “Podcast: Episode 10 – Samba Cut Short?

  1. This is the beginning of the sylvinho era under the juninho management. We must have patience. Aulas is a planning man, he is not one to give the reigns absent someone who has a plan. LEt us give the plan time to mature. OL are seven points behind the best of the rest leader Angers. The season is long, angers/nantes/lille/om/ognice/bordeaux/rennes/reims/montpellier will drop points. let us take it easy. Last season Atletic bilbao in spain were fighting against relegation, look how high they are on the table now. you have to let a plan play out. Sylvinho or juninho leaving now, will be totally disruptive. We have to give them the season.
    … Someone shared a video, that said senior players run the locker room. the problem in OL is we don’t have many leaders in the mens team, in parallel, the womens team is full of leaders, has leaders on the bench.

    You guys point on sylvinho focusing on defense is parallel to mourinho pushing pogba to give more energy defensively. SYlvinho is asking these attacking players to defend with as much vigor as they attack, it is tiring, but it is possible, look at atletio madrid. Players have to rise to the challenge. OL do need to be better defensively.

    Not for me, give sylvinho the whole season. It is time to push industriousness into OL, we are a youth team. We develop and sell youth. We need to get the culture to change. COnmebol teams players are ready to defend as a team and attack in brilliance. Let the conmebol way come into Lyon. Look at Santos/Flamengo/ many conmebol teams culture have that defense first, attack sharply, fight for 90 minutes.

    excellent point Arianna, if you can’t give time to a coach, then what coach wants to waste their time. We are one, yes, juninho will burn every bridge as a sporting director, juninho in choosing sylvinho and backing him means both have to go if one go, but aulas said he wanted juninho as the sporting director, so if sylvinho/juninho/aulas can not all be fired based on each giving the later the blessing. I agree OL will work it out, prove it to the players that this team works on a project. … the problem with the two other pundits is neither gave a name, name names to replace sylvinho. … a name was mentioned, mourinho? aulas is not willing to spend the money mourinho want, second mourinho will want to replace all these lackluster in defense players. Mourinho had a young team in porto when he won the uefa champions league, but he had a few senior team leaders and some world class young players on that team. OL mens do not have that kind of squad.


  2. Martin FH

    Any plans on a new podcast episode? I need your reflections to vent my frustrations right now. Feels like something is rotten in the club and I don’t know how we can get out of it!


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