Podcast: Episode 11 – A Grinchy Lyonnais Christmas

Gather around the hearth, bring all the mulled wine you can carry—you will need the booze, trust us—because the Lyon Offside team is back with some depressing Christmas-time crisis stories. Join Arianna (@AScavs), Nicholas (@NicholasMamo) and Sam (@OZOL1950) as they break down the current impasse at Lyon.

Cover: S. Guiochon/Le Progrès

It’s the eleventh podcast episode. Back from a two-and-a-half-month-long impromptu hiatus, the Lyon Offside team discuss everything that has happened since. From Lyon’s recent acquisition of Reign FC in the NWSL to Rudi Garcia’s woes, the crew talk through it all. We also answer some questions that you asked us on Twitter (@LyonOffside).

Too busy to listen to it all? You can jump around the podcast episode to find the topics that interest you the most using the timestamps below. As always, if there are any topics you’d like us to cover, just tweet at any one of us, or send us an email at LyonOffside@gmail.com.

Bonus: the Lyon Offside Podcast is now both on SoundCloud and Spotify! Listen and follow us below.

Topics Covered

  • Recap (0:00)
  • Lyon buy Reign FC
    • Recap (1:35)
    • What’s in it for Lyon? (3:50)
    • Name change on the cards for Reign FC? (8:35)
  • The OL crises (13:50)
    • The Rudi story so far (16:10)
    • Whose fault is it? (18:50)
    • Lack of quality in the team (21:30)
    • An issue of mentality (25:00)
  • Saving the season
    • The winter transfer window (27:15)
    • Getting the best out of the last transfer window (30:00)
    • The holes in the team (35:00)
    • The role of Lyon’s youth (37:45)
    • Leadership (41:25)
  • Rest of the season
    • Juventus tie in the UCL Knockout (47:25)
    • Final table predictions (53:15)


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