Podcast: Episode 9 – Tousart, or not Tousart, that is the question.

Two wins in two matches? Zero goals conceded but nine scored? Who is this team impersonating as Lyon? This week, Sam (@OZOL1950) and Rabeeta (@OffsideBeet) are joined by Jorge Rodrigues (@jrod258), the admin for OL’s North American supporter’s group (@OL_ADN). The three of them discuss Lyon’s promising season start, squad rotation, Martin Terrier’s amazing hair, and to go along with this week’s Shakespearean theme, the rather Hamlet-esque drama unfolding around the club’s two senior goalkeepers. This podcast also features predictions for upcoming matches that are both depressing and bold. Have a listen below and let us know if Rabeeta needs help. You will also find timestamps for specific topics if you’d like to jump around. If there are any topics you’d like us to cover, just tweet at any one of us, or you can send us an email at LyonOffside@gmail.com.

Topics Covered:

  • Review of Monaco vs Lyon and Lyon vs. Angers
    • An unrecognizable team (0:45)
    • Are Lyon getting too ahead of themselves? (5:00)
    • What to expect against Montpellier (5:45)
  • Player Chatter
    • Martin “Best Hair” Terrier (9:20)
    • Traore, Cornet, it’s all the same (14:10)
    • Tousart: starter or bench player? (20:40)
    • Captain Denayer (28:00)
    • Crazy Eyed Moussa (30:45)
  • Squad Rotation
    • Optimal midfield configurations (36:15)
  • Goalkeeper Drama
    • Is Tatarusanu to blame? (44:20)
    • Lopes’s role in this mess (51:30)
  • Predictions
    • Montpellier vs. OL (56:15)
    • OL vs. Bordeaux (1:01:00)

Photo via OL.fr


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