Podcast: Episode 8 – Preseason Panic Meter

Four losses in five preseason games isn’t quite the auspicious start to the Sylvinho era that we all had in mind. With the season opener against Monaco just days away, the Lyon Offside crew wonders is it too soon to panic? Nick (@NicholasMamo) and Rabeeta (@OffsideBeet) are troubled by the tactics they’re seeing from the new coaching staff, and Sam (@OZOL1950) wonders why the players have been struggling with even the basics; meanwhile Arianna (@AScavs) thinks everyone needs to chill out until the real games get underway.

Have a listen below and let us know who you think has it right! You will also find timestamps for specific topics if you’d like to jump around. If there are any topics you’d like us to cover, just tweet at any one of us, or you can send us an email at LyonOffside@gmail.com.

Topics Covered:

  • Preseason Performances
    • Tactical troubles (0:45)
    • A case for stressing less (6:05)
    • Improvements needed (8:30)
  • Coaching Philosophy
    • Tactical rigidity vs. flexibility (19:40)
    • Comparing potential formations (24:10)
    • Impact of physical preparation on individual readiness (30:50)
  • O Captain, My Captain
    • Switching it up (38:40)
    • Captain Memphis? (42:00)
  • Predictions for Monaco vs. OL (50:20)

Photo via OL.fr


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