Podcast: Episode 6 – Special Women’s Football Series

The Lyon Offside is excited to announce a series of special podcasts dedicated to the women’s game as the World Cup unfolds. With so many OL players taking part in the tournament, there’s guaranteed to be drama both on and off the pitch. From total Lyon domination to the unfair criticism of Ada Hegerberg, USA Soccer’s false sense of superiority, karma for Sam Kerr, and Lyon’s potential venture into the NWSL, Rabeeta (@OffsideBeet) and Arianna (@AScavs) have you covered.

Warning: gratuitous use of the word “soccer.”

Have a listen below! You’ll also find timestamps for specific topics if you’d like to jump around. If there are any topics you’d like us to cover, just tweet at any one of us, or you can send an email to LyonOffside@gmail.com.

Topics Covered:

  • Roundup of Matchday 1 (0:30)
    • Reviews of all matches with OL players
    • Shade thrown on Sam Kerr
    • The rising importance of club football in the women’s game
    • Everyone loves Delphine Cascarino
    • Favorites of the tournaments so far
  • Preview of Matchday 2 (15:00)
    • France needs to make a point against Norway (for Ada)
    • Match predictions
    • Why do NWSL players perceive their league as superior?
  • Ada Hegerberg (21:30)
    • Her situation from the Lyon point of view
    • Why do Americans dislike/misunderstand her stance?
    • Hegerberg’s demands, spelled out. And how what she’s fighting for would also benefit the NWSL
    • Why many female players may be afraid to stand up with Ada and against the Norwegian Football Federation
    • The USWNT’s search for equality, different protest strategies, and sacrifice
  • Lyon’s potential new NWSL franchise (42:30)
    • Can Miami support an NWSL team?
    • What will the team look like?
    • Potential names

Image from Fifa.com.


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