Podcast: Episode 5 – Brazilians, Hat Tricks, and Saucy Things

It’s been an epic two weeks at Chez Lyon. Between the changes to Lyon’s hierarchy to OL Féminin’s continued domination, there’s a lot to unpack. Lucky for you, Sam (@OZOL1950), Arianna (@AScavs), Nick (@NicholasMamo), and Rabeeta (@OffsideBeet) are here to break down the appointments of Juninho and Sylvinho and what they can bring to the club, as well as OL Féminin’s extra special masterclass against Barcelona to win their 4th consecutive Women’s Champions League title.

Have a listen below! You will also find timestamps for specific topics if you’d like to jump around. If there are any topics you’d like us to cover, just tweet at any one of us, or you can send an email to LyonOffside@gmail.com.

Topics Covered:

  • Lyon vs. Barcelona Women’s Champions League Final
    • Review (0:34)
    • Reynald Pedros – Treble winner but is he good enough? (4:54)
    • Potential manager replacements for OL Féminin (5:43)
  • Appointments of Juninho and Sylvinho
    • Juninho as a Sporting Director (7:34)
    • Implications of the organizational hierarchy change (13:30)
    • Is Juninho up to the pressure? (24:25)
    • Sylvinho as a Manager, and Juninho’s confidence in him (25:40)
    • What is the minimum expectation for Sylvinho’s first season? (30:00)
    • Did Lyon miss the opportunity to finally get a big manager? (36:40)
    • Sam’s time difference woes (43:02)

[Photo credit, ol.fr].


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