Podcast: Episode 3 – PR disasters, accidental title fights, and angry fans

It’s been a traumatic month for Lyon, but Sam (@OZOL1950), Arianna (@AScavs), Nick (@NicholasMamo), and Rabeeta (@OffsideBeet) bravely overcame their anxiety to discuss all things going wrong for OL, including the fallout from Bruno Genesio’s contract extension (or lack thereof), but also the fact that OL Féminin might not win their 1000th title because they forgot how to score.

Have a listen below! You will also find timestamps for specific topics if you’d like to jump around. If there are any topics you’d like us to cover, just tweet at any one of us, or you can send an email to LyonOffside@gmail.com.


Topics Covered:

  • OL Féminin review:
    • Recent scoring/defending difficulties (0:52)
    • Title fight with PSG and transfers (7:32)
    • Mini-preview of Lyon vs Chelsea (12:46)
  • Genesio Roundtable
    • Fallout from Genesio’s contract situation (14:47)
    • Are the positives he’s accomplished worthy of a second chance? (29:00)
    • What responsibility do players and the fans have towards recent performances? (46:00)
  • End of year predictions (53:38)





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