Ruben Dias takes off his shirt, plus other pointless transfer news

Things have gotten so desperate for Lyon fans that they’re just making things up at this point. Case in point, this past Saturday during Benfica’s away game against Boavista, Ruben Dias was walking off the pitch, turned around and went back to the Benfica supporters, and then threw his jersey into the crowd. Nothing out of the ordinary except he was the only one to do so. The other Benfica players kept their clothes on.

While most of world sees this as fake news, Lyon fans see this as sign that Dias is saying goodbye in the only way footballers know how, which is to take off their sweaty, smelly shirts and give it to people who are desperate and have no lives and probably have their club’s name tattooed above their butts in a trampstamp.

No, I’m not talking about myself. I’m not.

Look at those abs tho


In super sad news, Amine Gouiri has suffered a tear to his anterior cruciate ligament and has been ruled out for 6 months. This is terrible because he’s suffered what is often a career ending injury before his career has even started. Gouiri was due to gain more playing time this year, potentially breaking into the senior squad and becoming the latest Lyon prodigy that some Premiership team just has to buy.

He may bounce back stronger than ever, but it will be a long six months for all of us.


Gouiri’s injury means that Lyon are now hesitating over the possible sale of Cornet Maxwel. I don’t understand how, but he has a lot of admirers, with Schalke 04, Wolfsburg, and Roma leading the pack. Aulas has asked for 20m as well as 30% of any future resales, which ought to be crazy, but apparently Bundesliga clubs are also selectively blind because Wolfsburg is prepared to meet most of those demands (19m + 20% resale).

Unfortunately for us all, the club is now thinking to keep Cornet. Which I personally think is pointless because he’s not going to make a difference anyway. You could replace him with a log and you’d see no difference, but Bruno Genesio considers that a sign of reliability.


And just to prove that bad news comes in threes, Lyon fans had another round of disappointment when reading this tweet from Jean-Michel Aulas:

This is in regards to the rumors that Rennes were interested in Jeremy Morel’s experience to help stabilize their defense. What a joke…seriously, doesn’t anyone watch Lyon games anymore?

Morel is reportedly interested because if Dias does come to Lyon, he would likely lose his starting place. And with Denayer due to sign as well, he’s finding himself superfluous. Luckily for him, both Genesio and Aulas want to keep him. So barring any last minute miracles, we’ll have to continue watching Morel fumble around for another season.


Real Madrid are keeping an eye on their former player Mariano, who himself said that you can never say no to Real. Well, Mariano will need to wait a long time before he has that opportunity. At least that’s what Bilel thinks, and as we all know, he speaks the truth all the time. Except when it comes to Dias. Then it’s all lies.


Marseille lost to Nimes today. I just wanted to share the excellent news that Lyon isn’t the only Olympique that’s content to be mediocre.

I can always count on OM to bring a smile to my face.



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